House of Future

House of Future, a US-based footwear label was founded in 2016 with the aim of thoughtfully contributing to the evolution of the sneaker industry.

The label first launched with a curated line of shoes designed in a minimalist aesthetic. Each piece was built as a modern staple to sit at the foundation of any wardrobe. With this initial core collection, House of Future wanted to make a once price restrictive aesthetically attainable to the discerning customer.

House of Future also recognised that the vast majority of existing footwear brands had limited themselves to using traditional textiles like leathers, skins and cotton weaves. In response, the label sought out new resources and introduced updated material pairing their recognizable silhouettes with modern textiles that were proven to perform better than their traditional counterparts. In each collection, microfibres are utilized in place of leather and skin and coated Tyvek paper has replaced the waxed canvas

House of Future has committed itself to create well crafted especially elevated footwear at an attainable price point while continuing to explore the growing capabilities of new materials.